Saturday, January 1, 2011

The "Neck-lis(t)": Spring's Big Statements

One of my favorite indulgences is a statement piece of jewelry, particularly a big necklace. This season, both Christian Dior and Fenton have satisfied my love for these pieces with their gorgeous necklaces. Colorful, eye-catching jewelry is in for Spring, as you can see with these beautiful pieces.
From left: Purple & red Christian Dior necklace, a look from the Dior Show
All: Christian Dior Spring 2011 RTW

Though Dior's mix of color and texture is both brilliant and eye-catching, Fenton delivers a similar experience with the Spring 2011 collection of jewelry. However, Fenton's 2011 collection is a bit (to say the least!) more edgy than Mr. Galliano's collection. Incorperating a mix of spikes, chains, geoometric shapes and jewels along with combining a fierce black with pops of neon, these necklaces are perfect for adding edgy to your outfit.

Chain Gang:
From Left: Pink, Yellow, & Black Multi-Chain Necklace, Multi-Colored Chain Necklace with Gemstones & Crosses, and Pink & Black Necklace with Pink Spikes, A Tassel, Beads, & Various Geometric Shapes.
All: Fenton Spring 2011 Jewelry Collection
So, whether you choose to spice up your outfit with a piece from Mr. Galliano, or your vintage necklace collection, make a statement. However, if these necklaces are more than you are willing to spend, try similar styles for cheap. Try Forever21's Feather Chain Necklace in Gold/Black, $7.80,, or their Turquoise Rock & Dangling Chain Necklace, $9.80,
Whatever you choose however, the Spring, one thing is for certain: When it comes to necklaces, go big, or go home!


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  2. I love this post! I'm going to go buy a statement necklace asap haha :)

  3. Loving the pink bottom necklace!

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