Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Dream of JEANie: Fall 2010 RTW

Jeans have hit the fall runways. And not the jeans that you're thinking of, patterned beauties that set the bar of jean potential that much higher. So what jeans will be guaranteed to make a statement? Just look at the Fall runways for your answer. The collaboration of J.BRAND jeans and Proenza Schouler for the Fall 2010 season is a beautiful and intricate result: patterned jeans worn at the Fall 2010 RTW show. The pants were worn with a variety of tops including sweaters and jackets; and come in both royal blue and white. The jeans can be purchased from Neiman Marcus's website for $550.00 in white and in sizes 26-29. The jeans are perfect for wanting to make a style statement and can add some color without over powering your top.

At Tory Burch, statement jeans are having their chance to shine as well. With a colorful pattern that is sure to catch anyone's eye; these jeans are not for those who want to blend in, rather, those who are having a hard time standing out. Take your pick: a matching top or a hard-core leather jacket. The jeans can be purchased online at the Tory Burch website for $225.00 and can be bought in sizes 24-32. There are other patterns on the website as well including a tie-dye pair and a zebra look-alike pattern. Each of these can be purchased for $225.00 (zebra-like) or $195.00 (tie-dye).

Which ever jeans you choose to make a statement in for the Fall 2010 season, make sure that the jeans fit perfectly. Even if you are wearing the $550.00 Proenza Schouler jeans, if they don't fit right, you won't be getting jealous looks; you'll be getting "What is she wearing!?" stares. What do you like to pair your jeans with? Email me and give your opinion; it might even end up on my blog!

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