Friday, August 20, 2010

Mix It Up

Trade in your boring jean-and-tee-shirt combo for something a little more interesting: a printed top AND bottom. Though fashion rookies may be calling me crazy right now, by mixing prints, you can draw attention to yourself in a good way. So the key to mixing prints? Stick to the same color palette and keep with the concept of simple and complex. Sticking to the same color palette simply means that the top and bottom of your outfit share the same shades of color. For example, if your bottom piece has blue, red, orange, white, and black; a top that would look best would be one with the same shades of blue and white, black and orange, red and white, black and blue, etc. Second, when you are mixing patterns, either choose a simple-simple combination or simple-complex combination. Just choose if your print is either simple or complex before pairing it up with another piece. Simple patterns include plaid, argyle, and dots; while complex includes prints with 3 or more colors. Finally, mix either 2 simple pieces or a simple and complex piece WITH THE SAME COLOR PALETTE to create an outcome of a flawlessly paired printed outfit.

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